Plastic Prototype Purchase Order Information

The following information listed below should be contained on your purchase order. However, not every item applies to every order, but this is just a general guideline as your project might require more or less information.

Polypropylene | Light Texture | Automotive Consumer Cupholder

Automotive Cupholder Polypropylene | Light Textured Surface Finish

  • Customer purchase order number
  • Phoenix Proto’s quote number
  • Component delivery date
  • Shipping address
  • Inspection report requirements
  • Data file to part number cross reference
  • Component material

The details. As mentioned before we like to ensure that everything is entirely communicated. It might seem trite, but the “devil is often in the details”. When a project is on the fast track there isn’t time for mistakes or non-communicated details.

Manufacturing doesn’t wait. Keeping track of the details is how we succeed in rapid plastic prototyping when so many others fail. That is why we have a dedicated Program Manager for every prototype project we do.

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