All of this information will be sent to the email address you provide us on the quote form.

Please Note:

1.  Unless noted in quotation, all parts will be quoted with Aluminum / 3D printed cavities that will fit into existing universal Mold Bases owned by PHOENIX PROTO.

2.  Payment terms are 50% deposit at time of purchase order, with balance due at N30 from part sample receipt. All first orders from new customers will be expected to pay final 50% within one week from receiving initial samples.

3.  3D, IGES, STEP or JPEG data is needed for initial quotes. PDF drawings will be required unless customers provide specific dimensional tolerances and special finish requirements during the quotation process or Design Review.

4.  Submitting changed data or putting a program on hold will at minimum add a day for day to the original due date quoted. This may requrie added costs due to the impact of the change.

5.  Once a program has been quoted, and final data has received , PHOENIX PROTO will begin the Design Review process. The following is a list of items normally covered with the customer(s) input during the Design Review.

(Once PHOENIX PROTO has sent the Power Point or data for the Design Review, we will require a 24 hour response from the customer(s) to maintain the delivery date. If added time is needed or changes are required by the customer(s), Phoenix Proto will send out a (DCN) Delivery Change Notice with the new date.)

After a detailed discussion of the above, the model may require some changes. Any changes that effect the form, fit, or function of the components should be made by the customer and then resubmitted as the final tooling data.

Rapid Plastic Injection Molding Done Right

Rapid Plastic Prototypes usually means compromising on the design in order to receive parts quickly and cost efficiently. We blend traditional Injection Molding Tooling methods with Aluminum Tooling to rapidly produce production quality Plastic Prototypes in 3 weeks or less. Your design, no limitations.
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