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Providing High-quality Plastic injection molding Solutions for the Aerospace Industries

Phoenix Proto creates plastic parts used in the aerospace industry through the process of injection molding. This process requires state-of-the-art machinery in addition to years of experience. Phoenix Proto has both, with over 50 years building injection molds.

Our experienced design, tooling, and molding team along with the latest molding technologies offer aerospace and defense manufacturers the ability to out perform competitors in a highly demanding market with the highest quality aerospace plastic injection molded parts.

At Phoenix Proto, we work with a wide variety of materials, allowing us to select the perfect plastic to match your aerospace injection molding needs. These materials offer high temperature and tensile load ratings to withstand the rigorous conditions experienced in aerospace applications.

Aerospace Tooling

In order for an injection molding project to be successful you need a precision designed and built mold/tool. Our design team initially comes together for a design review. This review is to ensure the success of your project, especially if your project involves complex geometries. They sometimes make recommendations for best injection molding practices. This just means you get your design slightly tweaked and better so your plastic parts are exceptional. Other injection molding companies often don't have the capablilty or willingness to work with complex designs. Therefore they often drastically simplify your design. That practice really limits your fit and function.

Once our desingners are done with their reviews and have your project ready to go; Phoenix Proto has a team of highly skilled tool makers who know exactly how to bring your design concept to life. Building a precision mold/tool is really difficult skillset. Espcially when it comes to finalizing the finished project, especially if your design requires class A surfaces or other pleasing aesthetic features.
Rapidly tooled Aerospace prototype

Aerospace Plastic Injection Molding

Injection molding is an integral part of creating parts used in aerospace engineering. Aerospace parts created through injection molding include housings, lenses, enclosures, containers, bezels and other plastic components. Designers work closely with engineers to ensure the parts meet the customers criteria. Molded parts used in the aerospace industry must be built with the greatest precision. The parts can only be made according to perfect specifications and accurate measurements. Through this attention to detail the products will be able to endure the demanding conditions required in aerospace applications.

Injection molding is the process of using a customized mold to create a plastic product. The mold forms molten malleable plastic into a desired shape. Usually polymer granules are melted down and injected into the mold during this process. The molten plastic can be formed to virtually any shape. This versatility provides the substance with the ability to be used in nearly any field. In order to create these versatile products, the molds from which they are made must first be customized and created. For this essential step of the process, Phoenix Proto has the job covered.

Rapid Plastic Injection Molding Done Right

Rapid Plastic Prototypes usually means compromising on the design in order to receive parts quickly and cost efficiently. We blend traditional Injection Molding Tooling methods with Aluminum Tooling to rapidly produce production quality Plastic Prototypes in 3 weeks or less. Your design, no limitations.
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