Aluminum Tooling Plastic Prototype Design Reviews

Once a prototype program has been quoted, ordered and final data has been received. PHOENIX PROTO begins the design review process with you and our design engineers. We can do this remotely to save time and bring you exactly the rapid plastic prototype you want.

This is also a time for us to find out any other concerns or information about your project. We believe that being a solution means full communication. Not the usual Modus Operandi of a rapid prototyper: “Get the order -> Shoot the part out”. Our priority is to make sure our customers get exactly what they want, and when they need it. We have found that so often this one tiny step so often overlooked makes or breaks a project. Because, “your success is our success”, is exactly the reason we take the time to fully understand your needs.

The following is a list of items normally covered with the customers input during a design review:

Polypropylene Medical Disposable Rapid Plastic Prototypes

Medical Disposable Device Plastic Prototypes | Polypropylene

  • Parting Line
  • Gate Location and type
  • Draft
  • Ejection
  • Critical Dimensions
  • Critical Tolerances
  • Critical Surfaces

After a detailed discussion of the above and any other areas of concern, the CAD model may require some changes. Any changes that effect the form, fit, or function of the components should be made by the customer and resubmitted as the final tooling data.

Electronic data note: Never send data files of the same name twice. Revisions and date should always be included in the file name.

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