Guidelines: Injection Molded Rapid Prototypes

Kick-Off a Plastic prototype project right. Learn about how our Aluminum Tooling lead-times are broken down. An important component of our prototype tooling is the quoting process.

PHOENIX PROTO has broken our Rapid Aluminum Tooling process down into 4 distinct proprietary elements. Each is an element that has a impact upon lead-times, and when properly executed within our express concept of bringing the very best quality injection molded plastic prototype parts guaranteed in 15 days with no limitations. Especially, as this is a cost effective way of adding value.

Our quoting process is always upfront. We find that the more informed our customers are about it, the faster we can proceed. When providing INSTANT prototypes, the quality of up-front information is critical in it's success.
Injection molding tooling solutions

Prototype Design Information Needed

Rapid prototype tooling - 15 days or less
Dates: When is the quote needed? When will the order be written? When is the design freeze? When are parts needed at your facility?

Geometry: The more data you can provide us about your project the better we can make your project a success.

Examples of Geometry in Order of Preference:

Wireframe data
Surface detailed prints | drawings of multiple parts in the assembly view.


We also prefer 2D drawings for tolerances, critical features, resin selection and surface finish criteria.

Material: Resin type, manufacturer and grade. Special pricing available at your corporate rate. Material color (PMS#) Surface finish

Prototype Quantity: How many parts do you need? Life expectancy of your program.

Target Costs: For tooling and piece parts. We meet or beat all qualified competitor quotes.

Terms: Our standard terms are: 50% due upon purchase order. Balance billed NET30 from shipment.

Miscellaneous Information: Mold design requirements, are detailed drawings needed, replacement parts stocked, MUD unit or independent base, Mold Flow, ect. Special packaging requirements for your order.

Rapid Plastic Injection Molding Done Right

Rapid Plastic Prototypes usually means compromising on the design in order to receive parts quickly and cost efficiently. We blend traditional Injection Molding Tooling methods with Aluminum Tooling to rapidly produce production quality Plastic Prototypes in 3 weeks or less. Your design, no limitations.
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