Rapid Tooling Information Collection and Blog Privacy Policy

PHOENIX PROTOtakes privacy seriously. We often work with R & D projects that require non-disclosure statements. We encourage all of our customers to use such agreements. We endeavor to take every precaution to keep information provided to us secure. We are more than happy to sign your non-disclosure agreement. We can provide you with a generic non-Disclosure agreement. Our providing a generic non-disclosure agreement should not be considered legal advise or consul. We strongly suggest that you contact a lawyer to construct a non-disclosure agreement that will fully protect you and your concerns.

If you have a NDA you would like to submit or would like to request a generic one please contact us.

Trust is an important component of our business, we will never sell or rent your personal information.

Rules To Live By On The Blog

Your comments, opinions, observations, and information on PHOENIX PROTO’S blog are are always welcome. Unfortunately due to the troll’s that try to hamper any serious discussion or information exchange we will subject all posts to review after inclusion. We want our visitors able to freely ask and discuss topics without prior monitoring. In the spirit of free exchange of thoughts and information we allow instantaneous posting. However, we reserve the right to edit blog comments per our rules, these rules are constantly updated as we see the need to do so:

  • First of all, no advertising or commercials are allowed on this Blog. Posts which do not comply with this rule will be deleted without prior notice and the posters will be banned.
  • No personal attacks on posters, individuals or groups. Posters are expected to be civil. This blog is for exchange information between like minded individuals.
  • Disagreement’s are to be civil and conducted with common decency and decorum.
  • No profanity or language or remarks are allowed that are in “bad taste”, which is a matter of common sense, but ultimately will have be decided by PHOENIX PROTO .
  • Posting of blatantly false or malicious information is prohibited.
  • Don’t post links to graphic content or adult content.
  • Don’t post repetitively. This is grounds for automatic banning.
  • Don’t re-post deleted content or links. This is grounds for automatic banning.
  • Don’t post private / contact information. Yours or others.
  • Don’t post off-topic, non-pertinent or irrelevant information.

We also reserve the right to edit / delete blog comments that are not covered under our blog rules but are generally deemed to be offensive to either us at PHOENIX PROTO or our clients and web visitors. We also might edit / delete blog comments that are not covered under our blog rules but are generally deemed to be off topic, not relevant, argumentative, or otherwise disruptive to the informational exchange nature of the blog provided for the discussion of Aluminum Tooling Injection Molded Plastic Products by PHOENIX PROTO .

In a nutshell:

Play nice with the other kids.