MD&M East 2011 | Fully Automated Work Cell Demonstration | Toshiba Machine Booth 429

MDM East 2011 - Aluminum Tooling Exhibit


Phoenix Proto and Toshiba Machine have partnered together once again in order to create a unique demonstration of a fully automated work cell for the 2011 MD&M East show in New York City at the Jacob J. Javits Convention Center.

The functioning work cell will be on exhibit June 7th - 9th.

Exhibit Highlights
Running in the exhibit is an Aluminum Mold highly polished to a Class A2 finish with a living hinge component. Running the Aluminum Tool will be Toshiba’s Injection Molding 110 ton press the EC110SX. Toshiba’s own controller has been integrated into a Yushin robot, which picks the part out of the mold and drops it onto a conveyor belt.

Toshiba Machine, located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois is displaying in booth 429 their new all electric EC110SX series Injection Molding machine. Running within the machine will be an Aluminum independent mold designed and created by Phoenix Proto, which was created in just 2 weeks and has expectations of running over 1,000,000 parts.

Aluminum Tool Showing B Side Inside Injection Molding Machine

Aluminum Tool B Side - Open Inside All Electric Injection Molding Machine - Mold Created in 2 Weeks - Expected To Run 1,000,000 Million Parts - 18 Second Cycle

Phoenix Proto located in Centreville, Michigan also designed the pill box part that will be given away at the MDM East show. Phoenix Proto specializes in creating production quality Rapid Aluminum Tooling that on average runs 30% faster than traditional Steel Tooling.

Even though this part varies wall thickness due to its living hinge design, it can run in a 18 second cycle. This is unlike a steel mold which would cycle at a 25 second cycle. The Aluminum molds thermal characteristics creates a more efficient process.

This injection molded part features a living hinge, grain and Class A2 surfaces on both the A and B side of the mold. The high gloss pill box is created from Polypropylene supplied by PolyOne of Avon Lake, Ohio.

The grade of Aluminum used to create the mold used in the exhibit is Hokotol. Clinton Aluminum of Clinton, Ohio supplied the Aluminum for this demonstration to show the durability of Aluminum Tooling. Hokotol has excellent dimensional stability, thermal conductivity, and machinability. Due to unique properties, this particular material was also polished to a very high gloss level before any coatings were applied.



The Aluminum mold was then coated with a Nibore® process after polishing was completed. This coating boasts a 54rc hardness and is engineered for a superior lubricity for easy release. The cavities were then polished to a Class A2 Diamond finish. The Class A2 polish and Nibore® process was completed by Bales Mold Service in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Currently the mold has a cold runner system design with 2 sub-gates. The Aluminum mold has an integrated RJG cavity pressure sensor. This device monitors any deviations in the process which reduces cost and helps improve quality while reducing scrap. RJG is located in Traverse City, Michigan.

Yushin America, out of Cranston, Rhode Island is supplying the robot being used to remove the pill box from the Toshiba Machine. The robot controls will be combined with the Toshiba’s new V50 controller.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in seeing for themselves the superior qualities Aluminum Tooling has that makes it a perfect choice for production quality parts. We hope to see you there and look forward to everyone’s questions regarding Aluminum Tooling and how they can best implement it in their organization to realize the greatest value and benefits.

Aluminum Tooling - Injection Molding Exhibit Partners

Injection Molding Aluminum Tooling Exhibit Partners



The Following Companies Made This Demonstration Possible:


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