Engineering Solutions For Injection Molded Rapid Prototypes

We engineer rapid plastic prototype solutions to bring your product to the forefront of the marketplace. Use our technical experience in injection molding, traditional tooling methods, CNC machining, EDM, and Lean Manufacturing to bring a better product to market. We’ll help you reinvent the wheel and build a better “product”. It’s always better to have a knowledgeable partner working with you. Your success equals our success. Our commitment of being your “Production Partner of Choice”. PPC™ is a core value of our IPP™ concept in making injection molded plastic prototypes.

We are technical specialists for best injection molding practices for Aluminum Tooling and traditional tooling. It’s one thing to design a truly incredible product. But is it practical for production? The ultimate goal behind most plastic prototypes is learning. No matter if you are needing parts for a short run production, or if you are doing testing for full production. Designing for functional reasons or for a cosmetic component criteria like Class A Surfaces, PHOENIX PROTO will provide your project instantly. Need more than a few plastic prototypes, we also provide Bridge Tooling to support plastic part needs up to 1,000,000+.

Scientific Plastic Injection Molding = Prototype Project Success

Scientific Molding principles are simple. Get the process right the first time! When this simple concept is combined along with continuous improvement and optimization. Scientific Molding principles covers every aspect of the Injection Molding process from part design, tool design, material selection to processing. Plastic part creation isn’t a random process as it is composed of many elements. All the elements of the plastic injection molding design and molding process can be brought together correctly by having a certified Scientific Master Molder on staff. PHOENIX PROTO will always successfully launch your rapid plastic prototype project expediently and right the first time.

APQP 5 Steps for Success

  • Plan and Define Program
  • Product Design and Development
  • Process Design & Development
  • Product & Process Validation
  • Launch, Feedback, Assessment & Corrective Action

APQP Process. We are proud to utilize the APQP process along with our other quality methods. It’s one of many quality procedures our team excels as that turns new customers into long term clients. These five steps of APQP gives us an edge of project management that supports your team in bringing your prototype project in on time and done right.