Aluminum Tooled Plastic Prototypes to Production Parts.

We can take your design concept and give you injection molded plastic parts with no design limitations. How behind is your project? We can help you out of a time sensitive situation. Budget conscious Aluminum Tooling | plastic part expediting is available.

Our solution can help you turn your plastic prototype project into a winner. We have a staff available within one day of your original purchase order to have a remote design review. This is a incredible innovation. Normally this has been our number one favorite resource with our current and past customers. The only drawback was finding the time for a sit-down meeting. With remote viewing we have eliminated the time constraint and given our customers back some of their valuable time. How do you value yours?

Concept to design provides an even flow of a given project to ensure its success. Over the years, we have found that experience is the Gordian Knot of many projects.

Without several years of hands-on experience, often what is listed in books and what looks good on paper, can become an issue in the real-world setting. That is because there are many variables attributed to design complexities and materials applied to the correct application. The very fact that there are thousands of materials does not make the selection process easier. Let our experience help you sort through the complexities using Scientific Molding Principles to help guide your design to success.

Aluminum Tooling is Efficient and Cost Effective

Complex Rapid Prototype Designs Is Our Specialty

Consumer injection molded plastic prototype from Aluminum Tooling

Injection Molded Consumer Plastic Prototype Internal Component | 1 Week Set Prototype Part Delivery Time

Plastic Parts in Days Versus Weeks

  • 15 Days Max – No Matter of the Complexity of Design
  • Allows for More Diverse Projects that Other Proto Only Shops Cannot Handle
  • They Limit Design, Not Set Time to Control Cost and Delivery

Many Plastic Prototype manufacturers cannot produce complex designs because of their machine limitations, material limitations and make the customer compromise with a too low to refuse price. However, in this increasingly global community, going cheap on the initial and sequential Prototype’s does not qualify as a winner in the marketplace.

Rapid Injection Molded Plastic Prototype Consumer - 1 Week

Rapid Injection Molded Consumer Plastic Prototype – 1 Week

Plastic Prototype Cost Savings

  • Faster translates into cost savings by not putting project on hold
  • 15 Days Max – Faster to Market
  • Diverse Projects = Strong Market Branding

The short run rapid prototyping process saves money with no mold storage costs, less material costs, and less labor costs that are put into traditional injection molds that are useless in short run requirements. Not only is there a significantly reduced cost, lead times are also shortened. Shorter lead times gets the product to market faster generating sales.

PHOENIX PROTO can also control usual unforeseen Repair Costs with a Determined 250,000 Maximum Part Life Expectancy. Traditional injection molds require maintenance that can ruin a projects budget. Especially when a subpar mold is created as a means of cost reduction. You can use Aluminum bridge tooling as a way to bridge the “gap” between production and prototyping.