Rapid Plastic Prototypes from Injection Molding
with No Design Limitations

IPP™ (Instant Prototyping Process™) a Concept to Parts – No Design Limitations process that will produce injection molded plastic part samples faster than all other traditional tooling methods. Now rapid injection molded plastic prototyping with no limitations is easier than ever. You can get a plastic part from rapid tooling in 3 weeks or less with no limitations from traditional tooling methods. Competitors often have to limit rapid tooling designs as they do not have our rapid tooling capabilities.

This revolutionary process “Closes the Gap” that has been the stumbling block between rapid plastic prototypes and traditional tooling methods. Most rapid prototype tooling processes use machines that are limited in speed and function, or limits customers designs which often affects the integrity of the design for the sake of speed and cost. These limitations in most rapid prototype processes make the creation of the plastic prototype a non-starter because the prototype is not a fit & function part that will help the designers and engineers learn and take that into the production phase. That is if their idea of production is in the millions… our “rapid prototype” tooling can produce a million shots if not more depending upon the resin and complexity. We need to know at the beginning of the program if you are looking at using our rapid tooling as a production mold. Learn more about how our rapid prototype tooling can be your production mold.

We have bridged the “Gap” by blending traditional injection molding tooling methods with state of the art manufacturing technology and Lean Manufacturing techniques to bring our customers plastic prototypes with No limitations, but in (3) days to (3) weeks so getting what you need doesn’t have to take weeks or months.

Rapid Plastic Prototypes – Injection Molding
Aluminum Tooling is the Answer

Instant Prototyping Process – IPP™ – Rapid Aluminum Prototype Manufacturing:

  • Our Designers Work to Make Your Plastic Part Design Perfect For Injection Molding
  • Cavity – Core Technique Rapid Injection Mold Building
  • Universal Mold Bases – Customers Saves Time and Reduces Costs
  • In Stock Cavity-Core Inserts Ready for Detail
  • Component Size Limitations
  • Maximum Part Size – 12’’ x 12’’ x 4’’
  • Side Pulls Available – Mechanical or Hand
Gauging inspection tools are always calibrated.

We provide production quality plastic parts to spec – so our gauging inspection tools need to be calibrated for precise measurements.

The IPP™ short run rapid prototype process saves money with no mold storage costs, less material costs, and less labor costs that are put into traditional molds that are useless in short run requirements. This is a cost savings that is directly passed on to the Customer.

PHOENIX PROTO uses the cavity – core technique. This is a Lean Manufacturing money saving technique that is based on the use of universal mold bases. This rapid prototype process reduces costs that equals savings to customers, saves time which accelerates plastic part deliveries to customers.

With the IPP™ process PHOENIX PROTO can also control usual unforeseen repair costs which will allow over 100,000 plastic part life expectancy with unfilled resins. Cavity-Core Inserts that are in stock will bypass waiting for custom sizes determined during the traditional design time. Our shop is ready to start detailing them at the instant your optional remote design review is finished.

IPP™ Aluminum Tooling method Can Help Your Plastic Prototype Project

  • Full Service Mold Shop to Ensure the Highest Quality Plastic Prototypes
  • Pro-Active Design Support
  • Remote Design Review within (1) Day of Purchase Order
  • Pre-Tool Meetings Between Designers, Engineers and Toolmakers
  • Planning the Build Begins (1) Day After Remote Design Review with Customer
  • Pre-Cut Meetings to Finalize Build and Program
  • Resin Suggestions and Alternate Materials for Strength Issues, Cost and More

PHOENIX PROTO has 24 Hr. guaranteed quotation providing RFQ is completed and we have the final 3D CAD data. We then have an on-line remote design review with conferencing to ensure we fully understand any special needs your project might have. We provide digital weekly progress reports on new orders.