Injection Molding Technology Days |  Oct 17th - Oct 18th 2012 | Toshiba Machine - Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Injection Molding Tech Days | Oct 17th - Oct 18th 2012 | Toshiba Machine - Elk Grove Village, Illinois

What Will You Learn About?


Day 1

1 - Aluminum tooling and how it is a successful alternative to steel molds – presented by Phoenix Proto.

Uncover some major industry misconceptions that have limited this successful alternative to Steel Molds. Phoenix Proto will discuss six major impact areas that will provide OEMs the tools that will move them closer to utilizing Aluminum for their production needs in the plastics industry.

Aluminum Tooling Presentation

You will learn about solutions that mold builders and processors alike are using to take advantage of the benefits of high-strength Aluminum. Used today for cycle time advantage and lower tooling costs, high-strength aluminum alloys are making an impact in the medical, automotive and commercial industries for a competitive alternative to steel.

Aluminum is not just the bridge to a faster product launch or the cost savings necessary for the planned budget; it is a successful alternative to steel tooling with huge benefits that will continue to advance and influence the future of the plastics industry.


2 -The latest advances in all electric injection molding machine technology – presented by Toshiba Machine.

Learn the technology advancements and advantages of Toshiba Machine’s newest all-electric injection mold machine, the SX Series. Discussions on the mechanical, electrical and the new streamline process monitoring, improving the validation process for today’s demanding sectors. Learn to optimize these features on your production floor utilizing Toshiba machine technology. Live demonstrations using Phoenix Proto's Aluminum Tooling equipped with RJG cavity pressure sensors.


Injection Molding Technology Days Presentation Course Overview

Injection Molding Technology Days Presentation Course Overview

3 - Current trends in automation including high speed part removal, cavity separation, and flexible manufacturing cells – presented by Yushin..

Automation enables companies to generate cost savings, increase productivity and offer value added operations to their customers. Learn about current trends in automation including high speed part removal, cavity separation, and flexible manufacturing cells.


4 - Increasing Quality with Cavity Pressure Technology – presented by RJG.

Quality is a given in today’s manufacturing place. In order to grow business and retain customers manufacturers must be able to supply absolute quality to their customers. As part designs and materials become increasingly more difficult to mold, so must our strategies on how we process and contain abnormal shots.

Shipping one bad part today is the same as shipping a truckload. RJG will discuss how cavity pressure technology can help molders meet and exceed customer quality expectations. This overview will talk about what molders can gain by looking inside the cavity of their processes and how to use that data to ensure the same part is shipped to the customer shot after shot, insuring that quality expectations are met.


Day 2


1 - Screw design for specific resins and recommendations on processing with barrier and mixing screws – presented by Westland.

Discussion of screw design terminology, why and how screws should be designed for specific resins, plus recommendations on processing with barrier and mixing screws.

2 Multi-Material / Two Shot Molding bringing new life to your capital investments – Presented by Mold Masters.
Mold Masters has launched the all electric, mold mount auxiliary injection unit (E-Multi) providing a cost effective and flexible solution to the molding industry. This design unleashes the potential capability of single shot molding machines, allowing multi-material parts to be produced.

3 - Using servo driven hydraulic portable units for “on the mold” functions – presented by All World.

Discussion of servo driven hydraulic core pull portable units for every “on the mold” auxiliary function. Energy savings, noise reduction and design flexibility increase productivity

6b - Screw manufacturing processes – presented by Santa Fe.

A review of different manufacturing process and materials used for screws.

8 - Liquid silicone mold technology advancements – presented by M-R Mold.

A discussion of liquid silicone mold technology advancements for many different markets, i.e. medical, automotive and consumer.

9 - Liquid silicone conveyance– presented by Fluid Automation
A presentation on the conveyance of compounds for liquid silicone molding for consumer and medical industries



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