Aluminum Tooling Plastic Prototype Lead Time Examples

How soon do you need your prototype? Normally plastic prototype “rapid” molders leave their customers with design limitations. Our IPP™ concept of creating prototype plastic parts customers want. Not within the suppliers constraints and limits. We can provide this revolutionary “Concept to Parts” process within (3) Weeks no matter the design.

Design, resin, tight tolerances, surface finish limitations, and not learning from a production environment, to name a few are the restrictions in SLA (Stereo Lithography) / RPT (rapid prototype tooling) / etc. We don’t have those limits due to our unique blending of the latest technology and conventional tooling methods.

Need your plastic part tooling expedited? (3) weeks not fast enough? IPP™ can bring you parts in as little as (1) day… not weeks. See if your project qualifies for Rapid Aluminum Tooled Plastic Prototypes. Our IPP™ solution is not only competitive with other rapid plastic prototype molders, but it frees you from design constraints normally imposed by rapid injection molding.

Difficult Injection Molding Conditions - Consumer Product Fan - 3 Weeks

Consumer Product Fan – Difficult Injection Molding Conditions – 3 Weeks