Aluminum mold smart work cell

NPE 2018 – Great Show

Thank you so much to the fabulous team at Toshiba Machine co., America! We partnered with them once again to build a Smart Work Cell for NPE 2018. Every time our team and their team collaborates it really turns out amazing and this show was no different. It was nice seeing old friends and making…


NPE 2018

View 2 Fully Automated Production Work Cells Featuring the newest innovations in Injection Molding, Robotics and Aluminum Tooling at the NPE show – booth W1363.

Orlando, FL May 7-11, 2018 – Learn more about Electric Injection Molding Machines and Aluminum Tooling in a production environment before purchasing conventional tooling.

Light Pipe created from Aluminum Tooling

The Perception of Aluminum Tooling

Perception….Perception….Perception!   Due to many suppliers using the wrong grades of materials and poor design practices, Aluminum has been given a bad rap. Used for years as just a “Tool” for quick, cheap and dirty prototype parts; Aluminum materials have struggled to get the necessary notice as a strong alternative to Steel tooling. However, the…